Meet the Jane Girls Behind Living Simple

Three generations of girls: Alberta Jane, Casie Jane, and Josie Jane. Alberta goes by Janie. Casie is named after the Case IH tractor and is pronounced as K-C. Josie was just born. Josie is Casie’s daughter and Casie is Janie’s daughter.

So after all of those introductions, I will be talking as myself to let you know all about my daughter and my mom in this blog. Of course my mom will want to talk too because we want to let you know what we are all about so we will always let you know who is talking. We want you to get to know all 3 of us. Josie is at this time only 4 ½ months old so she won’t be too talkative yet! Well she babbles a lot and even though she loves sitting on my lap to see my phone and computer screen, she can’t type or talk to everyone just yet!

In this blog we hope that you not only get to know about the 3 of us but also learn about why we make and sell what we do. We also hope to share with you some ideas and suggestions for living simpler. We want to share recipes and craft ideas with you. We want to get to know you as well. We want to know what you do when you run into dilemmas. We want to know about your favorite recipes or cooking techniques. So make sure that you leave us comments on our blogs!

Janie: I have three kids whom I love dearly, 2 boys and 1 girl. Casie is my middle child. I only have one grandchild so far, Josie and she is my little peanut. I love to cook and will always have a meal for my family everyday no matter how simple or involved that it is. We live on a farm and raise our own animals for meat. Currently we have 6 piglets that my youngest son, Marko, is raising. My oldest boy Matt Jr. loves working on the machinery and keeping it in good working order.


Growing up I stayed with my gram a lot. She never seemed to have much but she always tried to make sure that nobody went hungry or without anything. She would always stretch whatever food she had. I think I get a lot of my prepping mindset from her. I like to have more than enough on hand at all times. I even rotate my cans so I can always be sure to have a fresh supply of canned vegetables without taking from my supplies.

Casie: I went to college after high school for teaching and graduated in 2014. I soon became pregnant not long after graduation and on July 1, 2015 I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Josie Jane. Weighing 5 pounds 14 ounces, she hasn’t grown much since birth. I love having a little girl to dress up and put flowers and headbands on! She has a wonderful father, Zach, who takes care of us both and is also into the simple ways of life. He likes to rely on himself and not others. Therefore he gets his own meat and cuts firewood for the heating source. He also loves Josie’s camo diapers! Being only 23 a lot of people are shocked that I can sew and do some crochet work. Sewing is my hobby though. I do it to relax, to pass time and to make extra money. If I’m not sewing or making something else I am outside. I love to fish, camp, ride quads/side-by-sides, and hunt with Zach. Zach has hunting dogs and he has been teaching me to take them out to hunt. We have 2 beagles, Ace and Daisy; 1 Black and Tan, Shine; and 1 English, Sadie.

To let you know Josie: She likes to talk up a storm. She still hasn’t said her first word yet but I’m sure those babbles will be turning into words eventually. Josie is a very happy baby. She loves to smile and play. She is very inquisitive and loves to look around to see what is going on. She loves her cloth diapers. Josie also loves to be snuggled and she has been biting on her fingers a lot lately since she has discovered her hands!

(And from here on it will be Casie talking)

When I was in 7th grade I wanted to start my own business and so my mom told me that we could. That was 10 years ago and a lot of learning and growing has come since then.

Sometimes we feel that we can rely too much on the outside world, which isn’t always a good thing because what if something happens? We learned the hard way when a snowstorm knocked out our power in 2010 for an entire week. Before that we had thought we were prepared, turns out not as much as we had thought! We couldn’t get to the store because we were snowed in so when we started to run out of feminine products we realized that we needed to have something else. We began researching and realized that with my mom’s ideas and knowledge and my skills in sewing we could make reusable pads. This started a whole new adventure for us because we began to realize how much healthier these were and way more comfortable! Sometimes we forgot we had them on!

As our products and business developed we have begun to make more of a connection to our products by making items that are reusable and multipurpose. With our business we started with reusable diapers since we already had a baby line of products. After the success we had selling the diapers we began to make nursing pads and soon thought others would like the mama pads as well. In our reusable line we make mama pads, diapers, nursing pads, and wipes. We are open to new ideas as well! All 3 of us have our own items that we made in these lines that we use. Josie uses the diapers, which I think look extremely cute on her and I definitely go through a lot of liners throughout a day. I use the nursing pads and mama pads and have my own preferences to which styles I like. My mom uses the mama pads as well and she has her own preferences to these also. All of us use the wipes because they are so multipurpose, using it for a napkin, wipe or whatever we need it for at the time. I will have to discuss these products in other blogs so you can have our opinion on why we use these reusable items instead of buying disposable ones.

The reusable items are not our only products. We also have a lot of country primitive items because that is how we decorate our homes since we have houses on a farm. We couldn’t always find what we wanted and when we could they always seemed to be overpriced. We began making our own and reselling them. Our product lines are inspired by what we love and how we decorate. We feel that having a bit of what we love in each of our products makes them more special. The personal connection is what we feel the customer wants when buying homemade anyways. Don’t you feel this way as well?

We started with candles and jewelry when I first wanted to start my own business. We had to soon adapt and meet the needs of our area. The longer we have been in the business the more we realize the importance of personal connections to what we sell. When customers have questions about our products we can give our own personal experiences as to what we did or used.


Tart Shots and Candles that we make



We still do candles and jewelry however we also do lots of home décor items, wood decorations, table linens, bowl fillers, swags, bibs, burp pads, diapers, nursing pads, wipes, mama’s pads, headbands and many other items. In the area we live in, we set up at local craft shows, mostly in the fall.

One of our funniest stories about when we got started is from our very first craft show. However at the time it wasn’t very funny. We needed a tent to set up under and so my grandmother gave us a tent she picked up on the clearance rack for $2. We were set up selling when all of a sudden the wind picked up and blew our tent away! The tent was ruined! We had to finish out the entire day without a tent. We were devastated but it didn’t deter us at all. We knew that we needed to invest in a nicer tent and stake it into the ground better than the tent stakes that come with the canopy. That was 10 years ago, 2 canopies ago, and many craft shows ago. We started with one craft show a year and now we try to book every weekend in the fall that we can.

Having long hair myself and a daughter, when we get new flowers to make hairclips and headbands is always a real treat! I always go through the flowers and decide on which ones I want for myself or for Josie. My mom even wears a flower in her hair all the time. So many people always compliment how nice our hair looks, and usually it takes seconds but that flower makes such a difference! We all have boards to hold all of our flowers and bands and they are full! It’s so much fun to have flowers to match every outfit. We love being able to sell a product that we love so much as well. (Please note: we do not sell any that we use. All flowers and headbands we sell are new and never worn.)

I hope you share some of your crafting, home business, and homesteading ideas with us! So please comment on our posts!


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