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Why Reusable Mama Pads

I have had a lot of interest in using Mama Pads. Therefore I will be making a series of blog post just about Mama Pads. So be sure to come back weekly to continue reading all about Mama Pads. I will cover why reusable mama pads are essential, how to clean them, how many you will need, and the different styles of mama pads. I will even give you insights from my mom and I about our experiences with Mama Pads. And as usual be sure to leave me some comments and give me some of your insights to Mama Pads. And please, if you have any questions, ASK! It may be something that a lot wonder about and something that I could write another blog about.


Mama pads go by many names. You may have heard them called Cloth Pads, Reusable Menstrual Pads, RUMPs, Mama Pads, flannel pads, moonpads, and probably many more.


So you’ve probably heard of cloth diapers and read up on it and decided that you are going to go all cloth for your baby because it is so much healthier. But cloth diapers is all the further you go. Why is it that cloth is so much healthier and better for your baby but you don’t think about cloth for yourself? Have you even heard that there are cloth feminine products out there for yourself?


Mama pads are a rather new concept here in the United States but are taking over the world of reusable products and those with the prepping mindsets. Becoming more self-sufficient is also making Mama Pads a must.


With Mama Pads there are no more late night trips to the store because you miscalculated how many pads/tampons that you had. How many times have you had to send your husband/boyfriend/dad into the store to get you some pads and they have had to deal with the embarrassment and then later complain to you? Besides, isn’t it more work to explain to them what brand, size and style you need them to buy and then they still come home with the wrong ones?


Using Mama Pads you will never have to go through these scenarios again! The only person you will be relying upon is yourself. While you are doing your other laundry you will just have a few extra pieces to throw in the washer and dryer as well.


So some people are like ew gross you wash that? But when you think about it, it really isn’t gross at all. Does your period ever sneak up on you? If so do you just throw those clothes away because ew gross you got your period on them? Have you even gotten a stain on your bed sheets because you went heavier than you expected? Did you throw those bed sheets away?


No you wash those clothes, underwear, bed sheets, blankets, whatever it may be. Otherwise it would be wasteful and very expensive. Well why is a reusable Mama Pad any different then?


Now I know what your thinking, it’s blood, I don’t want to have to wash it after I specifically bleed on it. But yet that blood is the same blood as when you get a cut or scrape and need to put a bandaide on your skin. The only difference is society has made us have a mental block and think that our monthly cycle is gross. But really it’s not. It’s something that we have going on and yeah sure it definitely has its downs but by using Mama Pads we can start to turn some of those negatives into positives.


So here are some great reasons why Mama Pads are definitely better than disposables:

  1. Environmentally Friendly
    • Do not come in or contain plastic packaging
    • Do not contribute to landfills
    • Reusable pads are made with materials that can be composted when they wear out after years of use
  2. Less expensive to buy in the long run
  3. Health Benefits
    • Less likely to cause rashes
    • Less likely to contact dermatitis
    • Shorter/Lighter periods
    • Fewer Cramps
  4. Less odor when soiled compared to a disposable
  5. Removes the risk of toxic shock associated with using tampons
  6. Disposables have moisture-wicking chemicals that cause irritation which makes you sore
  7. Pretty colors=Mood Boost


The initial cost of reusable pads may seem like more than disposables but when you think about it, your buying a reusable product that you will be keeping not throwing away. Let’s use this scenario, would you much rather throw a dollar in the garbage or put it in the bank to save? Of course you’d rather put it in the bank right? Now let’s turn that same scenario into pads, would you much rather have a pretty pad maybe with owls on it in your drawer or would you much rather have one of those boring white ones in the garbage can? Reusable Mama Pads are definitely an investment worth making.

Be sure to check back next week to read more about Mama Pads.

If your interested in seeing some of my homemade Mama Pads made with completely new materials and are extremely absorbent as well as meeting the needs of multiple women’s sizes and flow please visit my etsy shop. Jane’s Needfuls


4 thoughts on “Why Reusable Mama Pads

  1. You state that using your pads results in; Shorter/Lighter periods
    Fewer Cramps

    That’s a pretty bold claim. Would you care to elaborate?


    1. Sure. I’m not stating it’s just my pads. It’s cloth pads in general. I tried other cloth pads before I made my own. It has made a big difference in my monthly cycle.

      Casie actually went from being very sick having my period and bleeding through everything. Since using cloth I no longer do. Therefore I am making that connection between the 2. I also went from 7 days to 4 days.

      Janie also experiences fewer cramps and doesn’t bleed as heavy.

      Just as woman are all different so are monthly cycles so this may not be true for everyone. We are just stating personal experiences we have.


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