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Thanksgiving Preparations

There are many things that go into a Thanksgiving Day meal. Everything is homemade from scratch. It takes days of preparations to get everything made to enjoy such a bountiful meal with our family.


Chunky Applesauce


Our applesauce recipe has been handed down. My (Janie’s) grandma always made applesauce for a side dish at Thanksgiving. Therefore this recipe was never really written down and just always made from memory.


Peel and Cut the apples. Then in a pan start boiling the apples, water and some brown sugar.


20151124_155208As the apples boil and become soft begin mashing them up. We of course didn’t have a masher handy so we made do with a whisk and spoon.


Since we are canning some applesauce as well we began to boil our mason jars and lids to make them hot while the apples are boiling.



Once the apples were boiled and we mashed them the best we could (the liquids were evaporated) we added some cinnamon and lemon juice. Since we weren’t apple to get all the chunks out and it wasn’t completely smooth we decided to call it chunky applesauce.


We then began putting the applesauce in the hot jars. To make sure all the air was out of the applesauce jars we poked it with a fork to pop air bubbles. We can’t use a metal fork, it must be plastic. We can’t remember exactly why you don’t use metal but it was drilled into our heads so much we just know better.


When we were done we had a bowl of applesauce and both of us had 2 Mason Jars of Applesauce for our fridges.



Cranberry Sauce


Our cranberry sauce recipe is another one that has been handed down in the family. It is made every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


We added a bag of cranberries, 2 apples, 2 oranges, and the peel of one orange to a food processer and once it was to the texture we like, we added sugar to our taste.


Our cranberry sauce is as simple as that and in our opinion way better than a can of store bought cranberry sauce.


Peanut Butter Pie


This is a no bake recipe we had learned over the years. We use a graham cracker crust but you can use whatever crust you like.


We added a pack of instant vanilla pudding, peanut butter, cool whip, and milk to a bowl and mixed. Then we poured it into a pie shell. It’s that simple! We put these in the fridge to keep cold because it is best served cold. You could even add more cool whip to the top of the pie, and add some pieces of chocolate to it as well.



Blueberry-Raspberry Pie


This is a simple recipe as well. We made our own pie crust using Grandma’s recipe. We put our pie crust in a pie shell and since we like the crust a little browner when done we cooked the bottom crust before adding anything else.


Once we got the bottom crust browned we added the blueberries and raspberries mixture. Then we put the top crust on and made some air holes with a fork. We baked it off and I’m sure it will be extra yummy on our desert table.


Pumpkin Pie


We made our pie crust, again using gram’s old recipe. But this is one shortcut we have decided to make, instead of using real pumpkins we are going to use the canned pumpkins. Once we go all that ready we filled the pie crust, slid it into the oven and baked away. Tomorrow we will add cool whip to the top!



Other Dishes at Our Thanksgiving Feast


We will of course have our turkey, homemade stuffing, homemade mashed potatoes, gravy, a fresh salad, corn, asparagus, homemade bread rolls.


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