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How to Clean Mama Pads

I have been asked about how to clean mama pads. There are many different ways and theories out there. You mostly just have to experiment and do what works for you.

We personally do not soak our mama pads in between washes because we do not find that to be practical.

Casie actually puts hers in her cloth diaper pail and washes them with the diapers. Janie just puts them in the dirty clothes and washes them with the regular laundry.

Before throwing them in the washer we put peroxide on the pads to help pull out any blood and prevent staining. We use regular detergent for the pads and refrain from using fabric softener. Fabric softener use is said to take from the life of a pad. Since mama pads are supposed to last between 4-5 years, we want to do everything we can to ensure optimal use.

When a pad is very drenched after taking it off, we run it under cold water to help get some of the blood off.

As long as PUL wasn’t used in the making of the pad we just throw it right in the dryer. If PUL is used we air dry the pad instead of machine dry. The heat of the dryer can make the PUL material less waterproof.

Some say to prevent staining, you should hang on a clothesline to dry. The sun is supposed to help prevent staining.

Now if you are like us, you just automatically assume a small stain may happen and we know the pad is clean so we just deal with it. Now usually we don’t have any staining occur by using the peroxide method.

There is always the choice of fabric, so choose darker prints that won’t show blood if you are scared of staining.

If your interested in seeing some of my homemade Mama Pads made with completely new materials and are extremely absorbent as well as meeting the needs of multiple women’s sizes and flow please visit my etsy shop. Jane’s Needfuls


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