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As many of you may have been, Casie was also in the woods early this morning to begin deer hunting. Did you see or shot anything?

In PA a legal buck is 3 points on one side. Zach and Casie unfortunately didn’t shoot anything. They did see a large 4 point right in front of them but it wasn’t legal. They also seen 6 doe in the woods.

Do you have a special hunting area you always hunt at?

We came up to camp in Elk County PA and hunted in the Allegheny National Forest. We will go back out again tomorrow morning in hopes of seeing something we can shoot.

We will be heading home on Wednesday and if we don’t get a buck here at camp we will be going out that evening to try to get a buck.

We are wanting a deer to have meet for the freezer. Casie is wanting deer chops and Zach is wanting deer jerky.

Do you have a favorite you make out of deer meat? Feel free to share recipes if you’d like as well!


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