Christmas shopping

As I ran to the store to pick up some cornstarch, I realized everyone is out Christmas shopping. Most of my shopping isn’t coming from stores this year.

We are having an old fashioned handmade Christmas.

Sure some may think your crazy right? But in my family we like our homemade presents.

The no sew blankets are a huge hit, and since the last ones we made are getting old, everyone’s getting a new one this year. Not that they will throw their old ones away, but a new print will spruce up their beds and they can start breaking it in.

I have some wood slices I’m going to turn into tic-tac-toe boards for the cousins.

My mom and aunt can go for some new Mama Pads with some of the new prints I got while Black Friday shopping.

The baby could always use more diapers since she seems to be outgrowing the newborn sizes I had made for her.
I know Santa Claus will be bringing her a very special tiggie of her own since she loves Daniel Tiger.

I know that my dad and paps in my family love getting snacks like nuts, figs, and dates. And all the deer hunters in my family could use a new flannel, so that’s on my list too.

My mom has taken over making sure everyone has new socks and underwear for Christmas because everyone can use new ones always.

I know our Christmas may not sound fancy or grand. But come Christmas morning you won’t hear anyone complaining about anything they receive.

We once heard on Family Feud that the average family spends $1000. I think that’s just outrageous! The handmade items are used and loved just as much as any store bought gift.


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