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What is the best Material for my Mama Pad?

Ok so your trying to figure out which kind of material you want your cloth pad to be made of.

Let’s think about some basic points before talking about materials though.

You want your Mama Pad to be:
-non bulky
Am I right?

So think about what you want from your pad when you start to think about the material you want it to be made of.

Common materials used and their benefits include:

*Flannel – this is a cotton material. It is often used with PJ’S. So think of how soft your favorite pair of pajamas are and you will have a great idea of how soft your pad will be. There is a variety of pretty prints available so you can guarantee your pad will be pretty and match your personality. It isn’t as absorbent as other materials but still has absorbency to it. It works great to pretty up the pad or in layers adds to the absorbency. It is also used with other materials for the softness that it has and to stabilize the other materials in your pad.

*Fleece-fleece works great as a moisture resistant layer. When this is towards the bottom of a pad, either on the bottom or ob the inside towards the bottom you know it will help prevent your underwear from getting wet as well. It is breathable and comfortable.

*Terry Cloth – this is what you find in towels. It is usually used as in interior material because of its absorbency nature.

*Cotton Jersey – this material is nice and soft. This softness will leave you feeling cooler down there. Nobody wants to feel hot and sweaty when they are also on that time of month.

*Cotton – has fun prints. It isn’t as soft as other fabrics but it wicks away moisture fast and helps you feel cooler as well. These benefits helps you have a pretty pad to wear but you won’t feel wet or uncomfortable. It is a thinner material as well which helps reduce bulkiness.

*Minky-is soft and plush so you may forget that you are even wearing a pad. The Minky passes liquid through the material quickly to the more absorbent inside of pad making it great for heavier days and overnight.

*PUL- PolyUrethane Laminate- considered to be a breathable material because the waterproof part doesn’t allow wager through but allows a little air to come through. It is the same material as a raincoat is made out of. Some do not like this material because they feel it becomes sweaty and feels like a disposable pad. Others state there is no difference. Some woman just like the extra security in preventing leaks.

Regardless you have to remember that no matter what type of material the pad is made out of, it may leak if it becomes oversaturated. No matter what you need to change your pad regularly to prevent leakage.

You need to try different types of pads to decide what material you like. Also don’t think it’s all about the amount of layers. Some material is naturally thicker than others. So don’t get confused by this. Go for the absorbency of the material. However the more layers the more the blood or urine has to soak through before causing a wet feeling or needing changed.

If your interested in seeing some of my homemade Mama Pads made with completely new materials and are extremely absorbent as well as meeting the needs of multiple women’s sizes and flow please visit my etsy shop. Jane’s Needfuls


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