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Doe Season 2015

My brother Marko and Zach spent a week of trying to find a big buck that they were satisfied with shooting. Saturday was the first day of doe season in Western Pennsylvania. So naturally, Zach shot a doe. We hung the doe in the garage over-night. We instantly skinned the doe as it hung by its back legs. The next morning there was a heavy frost. We began to process the deer early. We do all of our own meat processing and packaging.


As Zach was cutting the meat off of the deer, I was transporting it from the garage to the kitchen where we 3 girls cut the meat how we wanted it and then began to package it up with clear wrap and freezer paper. Well Josie mostly sat and watched and joined in with the gossip.


Processing a deer is a time for gossiping. We used this time to get caught up on the latest happenings in the family and talk about the upcoming holidays. We were discussing what games we would play this year on Christmas Eve with all the family and what we should use for prizes.


Janie was also using this time to reminisce about when she was younger and how she worked her way up in the production line in her family while growing up. She now did the job that her mother would do, but she even said how she was a perfectionist when it came to wrapping the meat with the freezer paper.


We now have 13 packages of meat in the freezer for 13 separate meals. It may not seem like a lot but every little bit helps when we can get our own meat and process it ourselves.



The back strap of the dear was cut into little chops, almost the size of breakfast steaks, and I can’t wait to fry those up in a pan with a little bit of salt and pepper.


Zach is mostly excited about the meat I cut into pieces for stir fry, only he’s wanting noodles, meat, and brown gravy. He thinks it’s even better the second and third day so that the gravy is soaked into the noodles.


My brother Matt is making some jerky with the deer meat he has. In fact it is marinating now with all the seasonings in a bowl in the fridge.


There is so much to do with deer meat and it’s a great event to bring everyone together when it comes to processing the deer on our own.


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