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Cooking with Deer Meat

On Monday I discussed how my freezer now has plenty of deer meat in it. I couldn’t wait to cook the deer meat up. So I decided to try a recipe and share it with you. Do you have a favorite recipe that you like to make with deer meat?


I made a simple marinade in a bowl consisting of soy sauce, maple syrup, and sriracha sauce. I just added enough of each ingredient to my taste. Once I was satisfied with the taste of the marinade I put some diced onions in the bowl as well for some flavoring. I covered the meat well and placed it in the fridge to marinade overnight.


I cooked the deer meat in a pan on the stove for dinner. Zach loved the extra taste the marinade provided the meat. I thought it helped with some of the gamey taste of the deer meat.


My brother Matt had made some jerky. He tried a new way using a jalapeno seasoning. He left the deer meat marinade in the fridge with the seasonings and then the next day shaped the deer meat into jerky. He cooked the jerky in the smoker on the front porch of my mom’s house and she said it was all you could smell. Smelling it while it cooked got everybody excited to try the new recipe of jerky out. Everybody has been trying it and it seems rather yummy!


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