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Starting your Stash of Mama Pads

How many mama pads should you buy? 

Major points to keep in mind:
-how often you will want to do laundry
-you need a variety of sizes
-you need a variety of shapes
-the more you have in your rotation, the less wear each pad will receive
-try a variety when you are first starting so you can figure out what you like!

The most basic way to figure out how many pads you need is to calculate the number of disposables that you use in your cycle and add 3-5 for extra. This would be a supply for your entire cycle essentially.

The most basic amount of Mama Pads that you need is probably 3. As with our nursing pads we suggest 3 because this gives you 1 pad in use, 1 in the wash, and 1 on the shelf.
But really who does that much laundry in a day?

So figure out how often you will probably do laundry. I personally wash my pads daily when I am on my cycle because I do not wish to have them sitting around which could cause staining. Still I have about 20 pads, all varying in sizes.  I like to have a variety of prints so I can pick one based on my mood. I also have extra panty liners in case I need to double up on pads for longer wear, meaning I put the panty liner and then a regular liner on top.

When figuring out how many pads to buy you need to figure out how many of which size.  The best way to figure it out is by determining the size of the disposable you wear for the length. Is that disposable pad to short? Do you get blood above the pad in your underwear or in the back? If so you need a pad longer than your disposable. For the width of the pad, you will want it to generally be snug to prevent leakage.  3-3 1/2 inches seems to be pretty standard.

Now we are really going to break this down based on flow for how many pads we suggest, remember though, these are only suggestions,  you may need more or less than this.

Light flow:
3-6 pantyliners for everyday wear
2-4 regular pads – could use for overnight if your light enough
Wash pads everyday

Moderate Flow
3-4 panty liners for spotting and lighter days
4-6 day pads
1 overnight pad/longer pad
Wash pads everyday

Heavy flow:
1 overnight pads
7 day pads
2 pantyliners for spotting at the beginning and end of cycle
Wash pads everyday

You will want to change your pads every 2-6 hours. Oversaturating a pad can lead to leakage which is never good!

Not sure what kind of flow you have? Here’s another good rule of thumb to go by based on pads. Now remember this as well may or may not be enough or too many for you with your flow.

Pantyliners: 3-6
These are good for everyday wear, a back up for a menstrual cup or tampon, spotting, beginning and end of cycle, and very light flows

Day pads/Regular Pads: 6-12
These are good for a moderate flow, daily wear during cycle, and incontinence.

Night Pads/Longer Pads: 1-3
These are good for use after birth/postpartum, a heavy flow, and if you normally leak in the front or back.

You will want to get a couple pads at first to try out different sizes, styles, and materials. Once you figure out what works for you, you will be able to know how many you need.

And even though you have enough to get yourself through a cycle, it’s very common to pamper yourself with a new pad based on the print! You will want to feel pretty while wearing pads so be sure to get prints that you like!

If you are interested in purchasing some Mama Pads, I have a variety of pads at affordable prices so you can start your own stash. Visit my Etsy shop to check out my latest stylish pads. Jane’s Needfuls


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