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We have been diligently feeding our pigs and they are getting much larger! They sure do sprout like weeds.


As we fed the pigs their usual feed that we mix from grain that we grew on the farm, we also gave them a treat. Their treat was bread. They gobbled it right up!


It’s sometimes crazy to think that right now we are feeding the pigs but next year they will be feeding us! It’s the circle of life though.


Now many people ask us how we can raise a pig and then butcher it to eat it. Aren’t they our pets? Simple answer is yes they are our pets but we know what we are raising them for and therefore we don’t get close to them.


The pigs don’t have names, because when we sit down next year to eat some bacon or ham we don’t want to say let’s eat pig (their name). That would be when it would get weird. Certain things just can’t be done, such as naming a pig, when we are raising them for meat.


That doesn’t mean we don’t know the pigs. We still know which pig is which and they know us as well. They hear the trucks when we pull in and they come to the gate to see us. When we get their feed in a bucket they are ready at the feed pans for it to be dumped in so they can gobble it right up.


And gobble it right up is exactly what they do! They will push each other out of the way so they can make sure that they have a spot at the feed trough too. When they want water they have a fountain that supplies a steady flow of fresh water. The pigs know how to use it and to them it has become a game. Pigs are smart animals to be able to learn how to get their own water.



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