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Toilet Paper is a Luxury

Yes you read that title right. Toilet paper is a luxury item. It’s not a need. You don’t need it, it just helps make life more comfortable.
But do you ever stop and think about how much of that white toilet paper you send down the drain? Do you ever feel like you are constantly lugging home those large bulky toilet paper packs? Or constantly hearing I’m out of toilet paper to have to steal it from another bathroom until you buy more?

Or have you ever been somewhere or tried to cheap out on toilet paper to find it rough and so uncomfortable you can barely use it?

I read on that more than 70% of the people in the world don’t use toilet paper. Thats about 4 billion people.

So if you are one of the rare people who do use toilet paper you may want to think about switching.

So what would you use instead? Leaves? Nothing? Water?
How about REUSABLE TOILET PAPER. Also known as family cloth.

And no its not as gross or icky as you think.

Get a great deal if your ready to start using reusable toilet paper!
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You can get cute prints. Like:



Which you can find at Jane’s Needfuls.

There is even kid friendly prints like:


So what exactly is this? It is 2 layers of flannel. Which means it is super soft! Way more gentle on your skin than regular toilet paper and it doesn’t rip while you use it.

We actually make it with a plain backing color in case you need to look at it after you wipe.


The flannel will become softer with each wash and is more absorbent after 2-3 washes.

You will probably need a 3-4 days supply worth. Think about how fast you go through a roll of toilet paper. There is an average of 333 squares on each roll. So keeping that in mind will help you decide how many you definitely need. Although you probably won’t go through nearly as much as you do the disposable stuff.

I’d say figure about 20 pieces for a day would be a good start and once you get them you will figure out how much your family goes through.

No they do not stink in between washes. Now keep in mind you will want to keep up on the laundry so they are sitting around for weeks. You could use a diaper pail if you have one or any kind of pail or wet bag will do. You can place peroxide, vinegar, or essential oils in the pail if your worried about odors.  And please don’t wash with kitchen towels to prevent cross contamination. Other than that washing is simple and the hot cycle wash will keep them sanitary. I’d suggest washing every 2-3 days to keep the bacteria and smell down.

So how would they get you clean? Well if it’s just pee you can use it try. If it’s the other then I would suggest wetting it before wiping. You could use a spray bottle, place it in a wipe case with water or just wet it before you sit down.

So it’s economically and financially a great idea to switch to cloth. But still thinking ick?

Perhaps you could start with using them for just pee. And since your just drying yourself really then it’s not to worry about. And you will save so much disposable toilet paper by just switching to cloth for wiping after you pee.

Remember. Toilet paper is a luxury. So start thinking about it as a want and not a need!


3 thoughts on “Toilet Paper is a Luxury

  1. you can also use an empty dish soap bottle to squirt water up yer bum (kind of like a manual bidet) and then wipe. OR if you are REALLY flush, you can purchase a bidet seat for your toilet ($300-500) and never use toilet paper again.


  2. My children are out of diapers now, but when I was cloth diapering, I sprayed the solids off the diapers with a diaper sprayer. That sprayer is still in my bathroom and is getting a second life as a bidet. It’s so easy to use cloth wipes with a bidet, just clean yourself off with water and dry with the cloth.


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