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Christmas Traditions

Christmas is fast approaching. There are many Christmas Traditions that our family has.

We bake lots of Christmas cookies and the men are always sampling them as they are being made.

On Christmas Eve our family gathers to eat and be festive. The best part is playing games.

The games aren’t much, but we surely have a lot of fun. The simple games include everyone picking a present and when there name is called they can trade with someone or keep it. Its always a favorite as we try to take one that we think someone has figured out. Some will keep theirs and it really makes them a target then. So everyone has their own strategies for how to get a “good” gift from the game.

We also play left right. Thats when we stand in a circle, each holding a present,  and as a story is read with the words left or right you pass accordingly. This can get quite confusing if the men are busy goofing off and the woman busy gossiping. But usually it runs smoothly and we get a good laugh.

And the last game we usually play is the gift card game. Which is similar to the gift exchange game. Only instead the gift cards are for various places and amounts. You can see what the gift card is and the value. So when you get yours stolen you may try to fight to get it back. It can get pretty intense in our family.

After the festivities we are always known to break out a deck of cards and begin to deal a couple of games.

And once it’s too late for everyone and we all start to head home its time to get ready for Santa Claus and the next day.

Waking up Christmas Day, no matter the age, we can always find something we need, want, and can use under the tree. Of course, many will be homemade gifts.


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