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Why reusable?

I receive that question quite often. Why would I choose to wash something rather than throw it away and buy more? Some even say you aren’t saving any money because it still cost to wash that.

Well I choose to use reusable for many different reasons.

1. If a disposable diaper doesn’t burn because of what it’s made out of, why would I want to put that on my babies butt?

2. When I run out of something at home I don’t always want to run to the store to get more. That was a big one when it came to napkins and pads.

3. My disposable pads started to fall apart and make me very uncomfortable when I was wearing them. I would get so irritate I couldn’t wait for my period to be gone and would even chance spotting in my underwear sometimes to avoid putting a pad on and becoming sore.

4. I went through way to much toilet paper that I was literally storing up on disposable toilet paper everytime it went on sale. I was going through almost a roll a day. I started with reusable toilet paper just for pee and then because of how comfortable it was I now prefer it!

5. No its not very gross. I love my reusable so much that I don’t even think about it when it comes to laundry and keeping everything clean. It’s gotten easier over time.

6. It is a money saver. I am not putting diapers, napkins, wipes, toilet paper etc on my shopping list. So every dollar saved on those products I can use for other items.

So there are many reasons why you may wish to switch to reusable but each reason is individual to the person using it.

Why do you choose to reuse? Maybe your scared one day it may no longer be available so you are prepping your mind and body for it now. Maybe you like living a much healthier lifestyle without all the chemicals. Whatever reason it may be, reusable products are definitely popular!


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