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How I deal with “You use reusable personal products?”

I am sure anyone who either makes or uses anything reusable has gotten that question before. And it’s hard to know how someone will judge you. I know some people will even try to keep it a secret.

We don’t. We actually love to discuss the reusable products we make to sell or use.

Just the other day at the post office a man asked, “What are you mailing?” Now I’m usually in there mailing on a weekly basis, occasionally more so he kind of knows me by now, so I simply said it’s cloth toilet paper. His response:  “WHAT?” So I took it as an opportunity to explain to him that I make cloth sheets of toilet paper that can be reused and washed between uses. I also explained that I sell the toilet paper and ship it out all over the place.


This is a picture of my most recent reusable toilet paper. You can find it here: Cabin Toilet Paper.

We discussed how it is actually more comfortable and easier than you’d think to just wash the toilet paper. The guy at the post office was truly shocked and I could tell by his reactions he probably wasn’t someone who would be using it but yet he was interested, curious about it.

At Christmas time my aunt and uncle were telling me that they always look at my reusable products and get a kick out of people actually buying it. They said it must only go to people in underdeveloped areas. I told them they’d actually be surprised but we are constantly making it to sell. The Mama Pads even are great because we don’t have to tell our men to stop and pick us up any on the way home. The toilet paper we told them men love because it’s softer than baby wipes. By the end of the night she had a mama Pad to try out and she even ordered some more.
You can purchase this mama Pad at Mama Pad

Since I do sell at craft show I get many people asking what the nursing pads are and even the question “People are going back to cloth diapering?” These people are usually so confused why this is coming back into style and often have a tone like they judge someone who does that. I begin by saying it’s not so much about the money that can be saved by using these products than the comfortable feeling they provide. For instance these nursing pads are soft so they conform to you and soak up the milk that leaks without you really knowing they are there. I will usually pull them out of the package and let them feel the nursing pads and how soft they are. I tell them that they are extremely absorbent and since they are material every wash makes them softer. Sure some are completely turned off immediately while others stick around to listen. I can often turn this into sales because it’s personal and they know understand this is something they can do. It’s not hard and it’s way more comfortable.
Purchase nursing pads of various sizes, small, Medium or large on Etsy.

I then will transition to the diapers and explain how a disposable diaper doesn’t burn. It’s full of chemicals and can cause diaper rashes. I show them the multiple styles we offer of reusable diapers and tell them what my favorite is for my daughter. I show them how I also sell additional liners to help prevent you from ever having to touch any of the contents in the diaper and explain a simple diaper pail beside the changing station makes for a quick drop that contains the smell until laundry time. Sure some people are completely grossed out by the idea of washing a diaper, that’s when I show them our diaper in a pinch idea. The concept is simple, use the prefold as a burp cloth but if you need a diaper and run out of disposables you can easily fold it up and use a diaper cover with ease.


Diaper In A Pinch

Fleece Diaper Liners

Diaper Cover

I then explain our wipes. They are great for little hands and for big hands to clean a babies bum. I show them how for older kids they can be used for a kleenex or napkin. They are fun prints and become softer with each wash.
Reusable Wipes

I take the question of you actually use this and then wash it and turn it into a learning opportunity for the person who asked. And sure not every time turns into a sale but that person is now aware of what products are out there and they may type it into their Google search bar to learn more. They may even eventually learn that it’s more health reasons than it is money issues.

I love to use a mama Pad as a conversation starter. People will come up and ask what is this in reference to a mama Pad and I will tell them we call them a Mama Pad, it’s used for that time of month or incontinence. People will ask so what do you do with it after you use it? I will explain how you wash them in the washer and dryer to reuse it again. Based on their reaction I even try to tell them how it helps with cramping and is so comfortable you forget it’s on.
Purchase this mama Pad here: PUL backed Mama Pad

When I purchase material the ladies who cut the yardage I want will ask me what I plan on making. I guess that’s a fair thing to ponder when someone buys over 20 yards at a time of various prints. I am always happy to tell them I will be making this into mama pads, I’m thinking toilet paper from these darker colors and this is just so pretty I will make anything reusable I can out of it. Of course some will leave it at that and others will question more.

I love getting the question of I actually wash this and reuse it? I actually use reusable personal products? I don’t take it as a bad thing. I get excited. Excited to share what I love about reusable, the opportunity to educate someone on reusable products they may never have heard of before, the chance that someone may want to try a reusable product.  Sure some people will judge what I do but I don’t care. I know the benefits of using reusable products and  don’t need someone to approve what I use or do. I’m happy with my lifestyle and I am happy to share the benefits to those who would like to know. Because if they ask, that’s a foot in the door because they are curious.


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