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Nothing Moves in the Cold Weather

The thermometer right now reads 12 degrees.

It’s only supposed to be colder at night.

But we can still see the grass as only a very light dusting of snow lays in certain areas.

The woods are quiet too. If we put on all of our clothes, bundled up and plenty of handwarmers ready to use, we probably still wouldn’t see anything moving in the woods.

Since there is no snow we can’t track anything and the coldness has the ground frozen so there isn’t even mud that a track could be in.

The coon aren’t running because the temperatures at night are barely in the teens. You don’t see any rabbits or squirrels during the day. Pheasant can’t be heard either.

The dogs all lay in their boxes of straw only coming out when a warm meal is brought to them.

It’s cold days like this that we are thankful for the meat we froze on the abundant days of hunting.


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