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Using reusable products is not as easy as most think

Lately I have been experiencing people who think they can buy reusable items and everything just comes easy and natural.

Which can be true to a point. Using reusable products means you need to be really in tune with your body and the size of your body to know what will meet your needs.

For instance if you are petite and buy a 14 inch pad, it may feel more bulky then someone who isn’t petite. Same goes for toilet paper. Some may need larger sizes than others. Nothing wrong with that. You just need to know what you and your body need so you don’t have a bad experience with reusable products.

You also need to know what you as a person can handle. I hear all the time I can use reusable toilet paper for pee but not for the other. Which is totally fine. If you would try the other and it’s not in your comfort zone you may not like reusable toilet paper at all.

The bottom line is know what you as a person is comfortable with doing, take a small plunge into reusable products, not a giant leap, and pay attention to what size would be comfortable to you.


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