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Hunting Dogs

Hunting Dogs have long been a tradition for the hunter. They can definitely make it easier to hunt, especially small game.

I’m sure if you ask in your family someone way back probably did hunting with a dog.

Zach and I have 4 hunting dogs.

We have an English dog, Sadie. She doesn’t like hunting alone. She’s a coon dog. She hunts with our black and tan Midnight Moonshine, Shine for short. She will hunt alone and does fairly well.

We also have 2 beagles. The male beagle, Ace, was retired at the beginning of this year. He’s getting old. He’s an excellent tracking dog. We hunted pheasant with him this past fall. In his younger days he would run rabbit and pheasant. Our other beagle, Dasie, is almost 2 years old. She is still learning but can pick up track well now. She also has gotten better at bringing back the kill.

Hunting with dogs is definitely easier and a thrill. Do you hunt with dogs? If so what do you hunt and what kind of dogs do you have?


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