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Wings or wingless?

There are many opinions on what cloth pad is best. However if you used to use disposables and now making the switch to reusables, you may be amongst the same ones who wonder how a cloth pad stays in place and if you need wings or not.

There are benefits to each and ultimately it will come down to your own preference.

Of course cloth pads do not have a sticky backing that applies to your underwear to prevent shifting like a disposable does. However materials like flannel and fleece can help prevent your pad from sliding as well as a snug fitting pair of underwear.

Benefits of pads with wings:
-less likely to move or twist while wearing
-can help keep the pad from bunching
-if your flow tends to go over the sides of your pad wings can help absorb and give extra protection
-wings can help you feel more secure while wearing a pad
-snaps help to keep the pad snug in place while wearing

Mishaps that can occur while wearing pads with wings:
-can slip forward or backwards in your underwear
-may have a bulky feeling in the crotch because there are extra layers of material
-if there is blood on the pad it’s because your pad is overflowing
-some complain that the wings irritate their legs because of rubbing

Benefits of wingless pads:
-slim fitting
-doesn’t add bulkiness below your underwear
-if your flow is typically in the middle of your pad it is ideal
-more comfortable for athletics, your able to move easier because they just lay in your underwear
-since there is no snaps to hold the pad in place it helps reduce a bulky feeling and you don’t have to attach the pad below your underwear
-the shapes usually help provide more coverage in the front and back without a very wide crotch
-can be stacked under a light winged pad for heavier coverage

Mishaps that may occur while wearing wingless pads:
-it is very important to wear snug fitting underwear to help hold them in place
-if you are not paying attention and forget you are wearing a pad it may fall of into the toilet
-may bunch sideways
-may shift
-PUL backing can cause a lot of shifting in your underwear

We have made pads that have a smaller wing to help prevent bulkiness but also hold the pad in place. No there isn’t absorbency in the wings but if you change your pads frequently, it will help with leaking.


Our pads that do not have wings, our panty liners are made in a contoured shape to help prevent a lot of shifting in your underwear.


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