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Dogs, beagles and coon hounds

In our area there was a local sportsmen show at the mall this past weekend. On Saturday we had a dog show at the mall. Zach took his English Coon hound to put on the bench.


People were amazed at how friendly she was. They were petting Sadie and even said the one spot looked like a heart on her side.

In this picture Zach is getting Sadie set up on the bench.

They received a ribbon.


The dog show isn’t about winning or competition. It’s about getting people aware of coon dogs. They are getting the dogs out there showing people that they are friendly even if they do hunt.

Each dog breed was represented on the bench.

Then on Sunday Zach and I took a trip into Ohio, a 4 hour drive, for beagle pups. We were 20 miles south of Dayton.
But we weren’t disappointed. When we arrived we knew this guy was a hunter. A backwoods homesteader. Who had some beagle pups we would be proud to take home to train.

The man had 2 female beagle purebred pups, 8 weeks old for sale and we took them both.  There parents were on site and the man explained how and where he hunted the dogs. He told us stories.

After a 30 minute visit talking about dogs and hunting we loaded the 2 pups up for the long road home.

They are now laying on the couch with us. Josie squeals in delight at them and they both try to play with her.


We named the pups Lucie and Rosie. Lucie is on the left in the picture and Rosie is on the right. We didn’t have a particular reason other than the names were short so we could easily call for them while hunting and since they are sisters the 2 names go together we thought.

So we welcomed 2 beagles into our home and it’s been fun watching the two plus Josie. I can’t wait to start training them. I will definitely share all about our adventures.


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