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Training Beagle Pups

We took our beagle pups and the 2 older beagle dogs out to hunt around in the woods.  We really just wanted to get the pups out and start to learn to get through different brush in the woods.


The pups did shockingly well.  They kept their noses on the ground smelling around.  They don’t stay right at our feet which is excellent.  They go, they run, they don’t hang around like “what are we doing?”



Anywhere that the two older beagles went the pups went right with them.  They followed them around, smelling on the ground, and they found their way through any obstacles.


After an hour of them running and ‘hunting’ we decided to load them back up in the box in the truck where they were all tuckered out and napping on the way home.


We are very proud of the pups to have done so well out in the woods.  Being only 10 weeks old now they are definitely going to be easy to train and great hunters!


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