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Recently we have heard of unsponges and thought they were very cute and would be a great addition to the reusable products we already use/sell.

In the kitchen on the sink used to be one of those disgusting disposable sponges to scrub the dishes with that weren’t very eye catching. Now on the sink lies an unsponge.

So what is an unsponge exactly? It’s a sponge that can be thrown in the washer and dryer but still has scrubbing abilities! It is made with material, one side a Terry cloth for like a scrubbing and the other a flannel material.


The pretty prints make doing dishes fun and there is no longer an eye sore on the sink.

You can also use these as a loofah. It is a softer scrubbie for your face. The prettiness and softness will make you never want to buy disposable items for you face again.


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