Homesteading · Prepping · Reusable · Self-sufficiency

Reusing materials to make them new again

Homesteading is a way of living. And through that living you don’t always have access to all the materials you need when you need them. Therefore a quick glance around the farm, in barns, sheds or even the house and you can find something that you can use usually.

Some examples include:

Instead of buying a chicken coop or buying wood to build our own chicken coop. A neighbor tore a deck apart, he was going to burn all the wood. Well Zach and I took a look at the huge pile and offered to clean up the wood to take it off his hands instead of him burning it. He gladly accepted it. So we loaded the trailer up with all the wood and dumped it in the yard. We now have a 10 foot long, 7 foot wide, 7 foot tall chicken coop without buying any wood. Which is great!


Since we do crafts, we also look for ways to keep our prices down. Therefore we are able to get pallets, take them apart and reassemble them. We have been making signs and other various items out of pallet boards which look amazing!




We also took some old canning jars we had that were very clean and repurposed them into primitive lanterns.


Taking something and transforming it into something new is always fun! We are constantly trying to reduce what we throw out and make it into something new!


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