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Zach and I set up our greenhouse this past Saturday. I have since been working on getting some seeds started.

Since we live in the unpredictable climate of PA, I didn’t want to start them too soon.

It’s so hard looking at the big box of seeds and picking what I want to start growing. I have 2 different kinds of green beans started since I love green beans. I also have peas, zuchinni, pumpkins, cucumbers, tomatos, and peppers started.

For Josie we planted a pot of carrots that will grow right in the green house. I’m sure it will be fun to watch her try to use her tooth to eat some carrots.

I also have lettuce started and will probably be able to pick it straight from the green house as well.

I am very excited to have my greenhouse up and going and can’t wait to start getting the harvest from the garden. I’m sure I will be learning some new recipes to be eating everything up we grow!






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