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Update on everything

Sorry for not blogging like I normally do. There has been a lot going on. From sicknesses to just being busy getting things ready for planting, training dogs, and filling lots of orders!

The pups are getting bigger and we have been taking them into the woods a lot lately. Sometimes the weather makes us struggle to find a bunny since they are holed up tight. But the pups are showing extreme excitement to be out there hunting.

The pigs are growing and getting bigger and bigger. We will be butchering them at the end of summer beginning of fall.

On Saturday our local coon hunters club had a dog bench show and we put our English Coon hound on the bench and she won her round. So we got some more points on her to be getting her to be a Show Champion.

The greenhouse has plants that are growing and the garden is rotatilled. Hopefully the weather holds up this week and I can get my potatoes planted.

We have been sewing and shipping out reusable toilet paper like crazy! Have you gotten any yet? It’s a great tool for preppers, living green or just for comfortability.

Check it out here:


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