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Peaches! Fresh Peaches!

Peaches are much loved in my house. So I decide to save some peaches for the winter months.

To do so I was preparing the canning jars and making a syrup for the peaches.

I sliced my peaches down to how I would want them when I open a jar to eat them.



The syrup is the same as how my great grandma always canned her peaches. I made the mixture and then I put the peaches in with the mixture to get the peaches hot before putting them into the jars.


I used a funnel to help funnel my peaches in. Once all the jars were filled with peaches I began to pour the syrup in to fill them.


I then put the seals and bands on all the peaches and pressure cooked them for 15 mins to seal.



When they were all done I let them cool but of course had to sample them a few days later. They were delicious!


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