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We took our pigs a little over 2 weeks ago to be butchered.

Today we went to pick 4 of them up.  One for me, 2 for my parents and since my uncle was working we picked his up as well.

We saved one pig for breeding and sold the one to a neighbor and one to my uncle. Selling the 2 pigs payed for the butchering of our 3 pigs. That’s why it is always so beneficial to raising more than what you need. Someone is always happy to be a farm raised pig for meat for the winter.

We had taken our pigs to a local butcher shop, Cheplics, in Finleyville.  He did a great job accommodating what we wanted done to our pigs.



Each pig was in 5 boxes. Some meat was smoked. We each got our pigs cut and packaged how we wanted.

My pig was 216 pounds of meat. I got each ham cut in half and it was still pretty big! I got bacon, breakfast sausage links, keilbasi, pork chops, ribs, pork roast, jowls, pork steaks, ham shanks, and pig bones. Those pigs were huge! I packed all the meat into my new freezer and it is nearly full.


The freezer is smaller because I live in such a tiny house I have to make sure it will fit into the basement through the door and have room to be in the basement. I have another freezer the same size as well. They are 7.2 cubic feet each. They are both so full and hunting season isn’t even here yet! I’m not sure what I will do.

I love chest freezers. Some people ask how I don’t lose the food I put in there. I simply say it’s simple. I rotate and organize me food so well I know where things are and I keep the oldest towards the top. Even if that means everytime we freeze something I have to spend a little time rearranging the freezer.

Do you like pigs? We made some pig bowl fillers and you can find those on my etsy shop. Help decorate your house with these adorable Pigs! You could even place them in the cupboard or on a shelf. They are a simple way to show your love of pigs and decorate!

I’m probably going to make some of this bacon tonight for dinner! We are so excited to try it out!


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