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Green Beans and corn from garden to freezer

We have so many green beans coming from the garden! My plans are freezing as many as I can so I have them in winter as well. I also have been cooking some fresh for dinner.

This is just some of the green beans we picked! There were so many.
Snapping the ends to prepare them.
Blanching the green beans for 1-2 minutes and then bagging them in quart size bags to freeze.

I froze 17 quart size bags so far.

I also planted some sweet corn to freeze.


I husked the corn and then boiled it for about 5 minutes.

Then I let the corn sit and cool to make it easier to handle.
Once it was cooled some I began cutting the corn from the cobs with a steak knife.


Once the bowl was full I put the corn in freezer bags. I put about the amount I would need for a meal in the bag so I would only need to get out one bag and not have to try to the the corn any before using.

I wasn’t worried if I had left some corn behind on the cobs because it was a great treat for the chickens!

I so far have enough corn for 6 meals!

The freezers are getting very full! It’s exciting to know we are preparing to have our own food all winter long!

Buy less from the stores and provide more for ourselves. That’s the way the Jane girls are thinking!


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