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Buying seeds to plant next year cheap!


All of this costed only $5.66

We are super excited to have gotten such a great deal with all of this!

We prefer not to buy anything at full price. Second hand or very cheap from the store is the way to go. You can save so much by thinking ahead and shopping sales.

We waited for Family Dollar and Dollar General to clearance their seeds in their garden section. Once they did we stored up on as many as we plan on needing for next year and some extras for just in case.

I even lucked into getting herb seeds and planting kits. Which I am very excited about as a herb garden is my big plan for next year!

We love the dollar stores in the area. You can save so much money by buying certain items there. They are a major stop for any homesteader/prepper.

Bargain shoppers where is your favorite place to get deals from?


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