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Around The Homestead

Around the Homestead:

It is mid September on our little homestead and we are very busy!

In the Garden:

We have potatoes and peas planted again. We put them in at the beginning of August and have been watering them well on the dry days. I put some grass and other compost around the potato plants to help keep them moist. This time we did two long heaps of dirt for the potatoes to grow in and down the middle we planted 2 rows of peas. The one area that was for peas has mostly clay and therefore we know for next year to work on the soil quality there.

We already had a harvest of peas in May-June and potatoes back in July. I froze enough peas for 3 meals already and ate a bunch of them fresh! We just wanted to take advantage of the additional growing season and try to get some more before winter. It’s always good to grow what we can so we can supply for ourselves.


We picked more green beans from the garden bringing our total up to 20 quarts. They are still blooming and more will be ready to pick soon. Read about our green beans from the garden here: Green Beans

The tomatoes are starting to slowly stop producing. The corn has been picked and frozen as well.

The cucumbers have been done and made into pickles. Read about it here: Cucumbers to Pickles We have new cucumber plants growing that must have started from a cucumber I missed when picking them. To me I don’t worry about losing a cucumber and think this is a great bonus! Hopefully the plants continue growing and produce even more cucumbers.

I also have carrots and more lettuce growing. My onions are soon going to be ready to store for winter as they are slowly starting to seal themselves off at the top and no longer have any green tops, they all died off. Having these onions stored for winter will be great when I start cooking pheasants and other wild game to help with flavoring. There is nothing like onions from our own garden when cooking.


Our row of sunflowers, by the pasture fence, is looking wonderful! They are growing well and some are going to be ready soon! I’m so excited! I love sunflowers. They look beautiful in the yard.   I also love to eat the seeds so I am excited to harvest the seeds to eat!

We have one sunflower plant that is making more than one head! It looks beautiful!


The bees love the sunflowers!

Grape Arbor:

I recently wrote about building the grape arbor, read about it here: Grape Arbor

Even though we may not have any grapes on the vines this year, they are growing very well and coming back strong. The grapes overall look much better than they did this time last year. As they grew I had to keep tying them up to the wire and wrapping the runners around to train them to grow on the structure and not back down on the ground. I also had to trim some of the strays that were growing.

Under the grape arbor we planted strawberry bulbs. They didn’t come up right away. We decided to trade with a local neighbor to get 6 strawberry runners to start our strawberry patch. In return we gave her blueberries and black raspberries that we had picked. The black raspberries came from the woods along fields that my family farms. The blueberries came from a barter with Zach’s uncle. I could pick all the blueberries that I wanted as long as he got blueberry muffins that I made and he had enough blueberries to snack on.

I’m sure by next year we will have plenty of strawberries from our own strawberry patch and we will continue to make it bigger.

The Chickens:

The chickens are doing wonderful on the homestead. They love every minute of their days and really love when Josie makes her daily trip to see them because she picks them a treat from the garden.

They are growing well and enjoy spending time out in their run as well inside in their house. It won’t be long and we should be getting eggs from them!

Plans and Goals:

We are working at plans and a location to build a shed to store all of our outdoor items in. Zach and I are also working on putting up a dog kennel because we would like to begin breeding our hunting dogs. This is a lot of work moving dirt and cutting trees down to prevent any from falling on the kennel in the future.

We are also talking about more chickens and a herd of goats. We are going to have our hands full and I can’t wait for what the future has to hold for my family and our homesteading dreams!


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