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Covered Bridge Festival

This weekend we were set up with our crafts at the Washington and Greene County Covered Bridge Festival. More specifically we were at the Ebenezer Covered Bridge in Mingo Park. There were tons of craft booths set up. We were there with Jane’s This-N-That .

Wow did we ever have a great show. I am thankful for the customers who came out even though the weather wasn’t the most cooperating. Rain is never a good thing for an outdoor festival.

We had sold a record number of our signs, totalling in at 41 for the weekend. Our signs are completely handmade. We hand stencil and hand paint them.

We will have to work hard to replenish the signs for our next show.

We sold a lot of items and we’re extremely swarmed with customers for the most part.

I’m very thankful for the customers who were buying our products to use as Christmas gifts. This is a great compliment for us. The items that we make are all one of a kind and unique. The items have love that goes into each step as they are made. Buying handmade and shopping local for Christmas gifts makes that gift so much more meaningful and special. You not only are getting a great product but you are supporting a local crafters dreams of having their own business and income that can be used for their family. It’s not given to a big chain store. Your money is staying local when you buy locally.  This is also a great way to show your children that they can appreciate the work of others. We were very pleased that our items will be given as gifts at Christmas time.

We also loved getting to meet new customers this past weekend. We also enjoyed talking to all the vendors around us.

Thank you to everyone!

Here are some pictures from our set up. Unfortunately they were taken after many of our items had already sold.







Casie Jane, from the Jane Girls
Find us on Facebook: Jane’s This-N-That
Find us on Etsy: Jane’s Needfuls


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