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Why I Homestead

To homestead is to mean that I don’t have to rely on a store or the world.  The only person I have to rely on is myself and my family.

If something were to happen in this world, if the world would really end, if a catastrophe would happen, if a storm would occur and you were stranded in your home, are you prepared?

I used to think I could survive. My mom taught me everything she knew and she learned everything from her mom and grandma and so forth. However did we realize just how many different things you could do besides preparing our own food to have all winter? To garden and store our own food is one thing. To have pigs and hunt to provide our own meat is also helpful.

But if I don’t have power tomorrow or a way to get to the store would I survive?

I’m sure I would. I would be able to adapt to everything. However I then started to look at my own small yard and realizing that there is so much more that I could be doing. I started dreaming of chickens and fruit trees and gardens and berry bushes. Well all of that takes time and I am taking steps towards everything. I then started researching and realized that I want a herb garden and I want many other things to work towards relying only on myself.

I live in the country on a farm. Zach loves to hunt and he helps me garden and he to loves the idea of being more self reliant.

Not only that but Josie loves the outdoors. She loves the chickens and all the other animals on the farm. She loves the garden. She tries to help weed and anything that is picked from the garden she knows you can eat and is so eager to to try it all. Raw and cooked. It’s such a healthy lifestyle for all of us. I’m happy that Josie from a young age will get to share in the love of homesteading.

So one day if out of all the theories eventually one of them comes true and the end of the world is near, I will be ready to survive. I am a homesteader. I love my way of life. Yes I am still learning and I am constantly adding to my homestead. But isn’t that what’s great about homesteading? I can do what I want when I want. I am trying to strategically use every space in my yard for something productive. This is a fun journey that my little family is on and we are loving every moment.


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