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Thoughts as I Sew

As I sit and sew, I think to myself, about everything that has happened that day and what I have to do.


Lately I have been sewing a lot of reusable toilet paper. I get orders by the 100 pack to sew and send out. Sometimes I wonder what the person, who I am sending these to, will do with all of this toilet paper. Does everyone in their house use it? Will they like these prints? Maybe they have a new baby coming and will use them as wipes. Maybe they won’t use them at all but actually put them in a container for the prepping supplies in case one day they can’t go to the store to buy toilet paper for various reasons.


Sometimes I talk to myself as I sew and make a to do list in my head.


Other times I sing or hum a little tune.


I have a window that looks out onto my porch and front yard right by my sewing machine and sometimes a bird will come by it to say or I may even catch a glimpse of my dad and brothers working in the field across from my house.


Time sure flies when you’re having fun they say but my version of this saying is:

Time sure flies when you’re sewing all day!

I will sit down to sew a small project but by the time I get up I have a 20 pack of toilet paper done, a tree skirt started and all of my bobbins are rewound and ready for next time. I don’t even realize just how much time I sat to sew, but at the same time I don’t regret any of the time I spent at the sewing machine.


I sew all kinds of things; it’s hard to say what it will be next that I will sew. Probably toilet paper though at the rate the orders are coming in. I also sew table runners, curtains, table scarves, bowl fillers, mama pads, make up rounds, baby items, tree skirts and much, much more.


I not only sew with the machine but I also sew by hand. I stick with the Singer sewing machine like my Mom and Grandmother always had. Only mine is more modern than theirs ever was. I love trying new stitches and I can ever serge around my edges. One day I am going to get an even more technical sewing machine to use. That is my sewing goal, to upgrade to a bigger and better sewing machine. Zach and my Mom tell me that I do so much with my standard one that I don’t need an even more technical one.


It’s actually very relaxing to sew. I find the humming of the machine putting neat little stitches into the material that I am sewing to be quite relaxing. While I was pregnant I would sew cloth diapers for my soon to be newborn baby as well as what I needed to sew for my upcoming craft shows.


Apparently I did a lot of sewing while I was pregnant as well because Josie loves the sewing machine. The moment she hears the humming she comes to sit on my lap to help me sew. When I’m not sewing she practices on her own, pushing the buttons with a “ta-ta” sound and moving her material under the presser foot. I’m sure one day she will be a seamstress and perhaps better at sewing than I am. I will definitely teach her everything I know and nurture her into learning more than what I can teach her. I loved learning to sew and definitely think it is something that should be passed down to the next generation from mothers/grandmothers to daughters.


Who knows, one day when Josie is older and sewing she may understand how to use a Singer Serger better than me and that might be on her Christmas Wish List for Santa to bring her.


I love to sew!


Do you?


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