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Our Icy Homestead

Today the rain has been falling since early morning. The ground is so cold that it is freezing as soon as it falls.

We had snow the past couple of days and now have a icy homestead. It looks like winter has finally set in.

To me I think the ice looks beautiful on some of the branches. It leaves a shiny covering that looks like glass and makes an area look like a winter wonderland.

While ice may not be as fun to walk or drive on, it does have a beauty that only ice can bring.

Here are some photos from our icy homestead on this cold winter morning.

Ice encasing the branches of a bush.
Ice encasing the branches of the bushes
The ice got the grape arbor and vines too.
The shed is cold and icy
Icicles hang from the roof of our shed
The chicken coop is snow covered and icy
The chicken swing has icicles hanging from it
An overview of the snow and ice on part of our homestead

Casie Jane, from the Jane Girls
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