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Christmas Preparations

Lights have been on the house and the Christmas tree has been decorated.

Presents are under the tree and Josie is awaiting Santa Claus. Her favorite thing to do daily is turn the tree on by herself.

We have made lots of homemade gifts this year which includes pictures on wood slices and some wording on the wood slices.
Stay tuned for pictures after Christmas.

For our business we had to make a lot of custom orders that were going to be used for Christmas presents.

Here are 2 tables that we made and delivered in time for Christmas.

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We also did lots of baking for Christmas. Here are some of the finished cookies!






The sandwich cookies are my absolute favorite!  Very time consuming but I have fond memories of baking these cookies as a girl and they are so yummy!

I will be making cookie trays to take to family tomorrow for Christmas. There are so many varieties I am sure everyone will fill up on all the sweet delicious Christmas baking.

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

From the Jane Girls

Casie Jane, from the Jane Girls
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