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We are now getting 5 eggs a day. Which might not seem like a lot but to us it is. Half of our flock is now laying eggs and we are overflowing.

I have made french toast for dinner to use up some eggs. Eggs for breakfast on the weekends. Deviled eggs for a side at dinner.

I am definitely going to need to learn some more egg recipes.

Having our own eggs is exciting. I love the taste of the fresh brown eggs and don’t think I could go back to the store eggs now. They definitely have a rich taste that is just better.

We are looking into hopefully beginning to sell our eggs because we will have too many and we want to also get more birds to add to our flock in the spring. Make sure that if you don’t raise your own chickens for eggs that your support your local chicken farmer so they can keep doing what they love and bring you fresh rich tasting eggs instead of buying eggs from the grocery store.

The chickens have been very happy and holding up well through the winter months. 

I try to keep them as natural as I can and do not have artificial light to influence their laying. This could be a reason why I do not have 10 laying hens yet, but I will before long.

On a daily basis I like to give the chickens a herb in their water. I have been rotating between: parsley, oregano and garlic.

The perks of parsley and chickens include: 

  • high in vitamins
  • laying stimulant 
  • aids in blood vessel development

The perks of oregano and chickens include:

  • Anti-parasitic
  • antifungal properties to help combat e-coli, salmonella, infectious bronchitis, avain flu

The perks of garlic and chickens include:

  • Laying stimulant

My family believed in herbs and I have been doing a lot of research to learn about some of the benefits of using herbs with chickens. I have been trying and testing out the different herbs to see what works with my chickens. They may or may not work with yours. It’s always safe to consult a vet and to try small amounts of herbs until you learn what works for your flock and what doesn’t.

Chickens enjoying their day.

Chickens enjoying their day

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