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Wood Slices

You might see a tree and think firewood. 

I see a tree and think wood slices. They are great for all kinds of crafts that I make or just plain in themselves for different purposes. 

Wood Slices made and designed by Jane's This-N-That
Some of our wood slices
Wood Slices made and designed by Jane's This-N-That
Wood Slice designs
Salt and Pepper Shaker Holders or use for whatever your creative mind decides!
Handmade Rag Table runner with a Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder. Perfect for your dining room table!
Chalkboard wood Slices. Grab a piece of chalk and write whatever you desire!
Wood Slices in a variety of sizes
Wood Slices made and designed by Jane's This-N-That
A wood slice with a black bear. A very popular design!

Signs, chalkboards, napkin holders, salt and pepper shaker holders, stepping stones and centerpieces are just some of the uses that we have been making. 

We also sell plain ones of various sizes to accommodate other needs.
In a fairy garden wood slices help make a more natural feel and allow for lots of creativeness. I know I plan on using wood slices in my fairy garden this year. Be sure to follow my blog to stay updated when my fair garden is set up to see how I use wood slices in it. Right now there is still too much snow for my fairy garden.
In the meantime make sure you have some signs or tableware from the wood slices that I have made and stenciled.
These help with a great rustic and look cabin feel in your home. Not to mention these are very popular because it doesn’t get anymore natural than this to decorate your home with.
Wood slices have become a popular decoration choice for parties, baby showers and weddings.

Know someone who is buying a new home? They are great housewarming gifts!

Etsy shop: Jane’s Needfuls

Facebook page: Jane’s This-N-That

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