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Spring is Here and we are Busy Busy

Wow. I have had so much going on since my last post. Sorry I haven’t updated sooner, but we got more chickens and they definitely were keeping me busy.

We built another chicken coop, this one is much larger than the last and has a lot of creativity to house more chickens than the last one we built. We also came acrossed a great deal on a coop that we couldn’t pass up. So we now have 3 chicken coops to house everyone. We are also working on rabbit housing. Stay tuned for blog posts about building a chicken coop and the rough cut lumber coop that we purchased. 

We also got our garden plowed. So far I have 5 rows of potatoes, 1 row of onions, and 1 row of carrots planted. We also have another garden that will be used for our pumpkins and gourds.

I have a pallet garden as well that has garlic, peas, lettuce and spinach growing so far. I am growing lots of extras for the chickens and rabbits as well as for what we eat. The garlic was put in back in December, late for my area but still harvestable, learned my lesson for next year to plant earlier in the fall. The peas, lettuce and spinach are growing well and right on time despite the late snowfall we had and all the rain we continue to get. 

I also have herbs growing on my kitchen windowsill in containers. It’s my first time growing herbs so I am excited about this and have a lot to learn! Let me know if you have any tips.

We are growing enough for ourselves for the year, some for the animals and to sell at Farmers Markets along with some of our other items we make. The Farmers Markets will be starting soon so we are busy planning and preparing.

We also relocated the bull calves we are raising to their own pen. Josie loves seeing her calf everyday. 

Our business has been very busy as well. We are making lots of new products as well as getting lots of orders.

We created a website and are very excited to share it with you! Visit us at to shop our products. Not everything is available on our website yet but we are still working to add more products and if you know we carry a product that isn’t listed and you would like to purchase, then please send us a message and we will be happy to list it or send you an invoice, whichever is easier for you, as long as it is still available. 

We offer select shipping to Canada now as well. 

We are also on Instagram with Jane’s This-N-That, and would greatly appreciate a follow if you are on Instagram as well.

Stay tuned for another blog post about all of our new items, our works in progress and items that we are restocking. We have lots of items available to you so please shop via our website or Etsy shop!

Happy Easter and hopefully your homestead is just as busy as ours right now with all the preparations for summer. 

Total chicken count is now 300.

Our animals and lifestyles are what inspires us to create the products that we do. When you buy from us, we have a personal connection to our pieces that we create, repurpose or hope to find a new home for.
Let me know how your homestead is coming along! I love reading your comments. Let me know if you have some exciting news, what your planting this year, your goals for the garden,or anything else!


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