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Technology is a very crazy thing.  We are now in a world where we need technology, and much of the world is reliant upon it.  It is so relied upon that you can access everything right on your smartphone which is often in your pocket, purse or hand.  To be reading this blog, I know that you have at least one piece of technology readily available to you as well, which might be a computer or a smartphone.

Everywhere you go, there is people who have a device in their hands, oftentimes you will even see people walking or driving while they are texting or talking on a phone.  Sure, there might be a law against using a cellphone while driving, but you still see plenty of people who are doing so. Everything is relying upon a computer to run. Your car is even a computer, making it harder for the average mechanic to be able to work on a vehicle, or for the man in the house to be able to do very much with their own car when something goes wrong like they used to.  When you go to the bank, they are doing everything on a computer, and as it turns out, if they are offline and you deposit cash, it will not be available until they are back online, which is often after they restart their computers.  A store has cash registers that are computerized, and many of them are now becoming self-checkouts which means the shopper needs to be able to use a computer in order to check out their own products after shopping.  Almost every retail store employee walks around with various communication devices and scanners to be able to assist customers and to ask someone else for assistance if they don’t have the answers.

What I think is completely insane is that the world has now become this reliant upon technology.  We are beginning to lose the touch that we have with actual human contact and communications.  When was the last time that you picked up a phone to call someone instead of text them?

I know I am a guilty person of using technology a lot.  But I am still not as connected as most people are.  I have a smartphone which I run the majority of my business from, and a laptop to work on for making labels and my blog posts.  My smartphone is also my camera.

Well, I have been having some rude awakenings lately.  My smartphone has all of my pictures, and I didn’t back them up recently, which means that I am going to lose a lot of my pictures because my phone decided to crash!  This is a very upsetting thing for me as I am going to lose all of my Easter pictures.  So my first instinct was to back them up to a laptop.  Well I have been putting off laptop shopping as my old one had crashed a while back, and I was doing fine without it, just using my phone.  I didn’t really miss my laptop until this incident with my phone.

So I went laptop shopping, and these things can have some outrageous prices!  I’m not even sure what half of them mean when I read the boxes and so I told the guy that was assisting me what I needed and that I just wanted something basic.  I walk out of the store with a new laptop in hand, very pleased with my new purchase.  I was so excited to get it home and try it out and try to save my pictures from my phone.  I took the laptop out of the box and turned it on.  The startup screen for setting the laptop came up and I had to have a Wi-Fi connection.  Now keep in mind, I live in the middle of nowhere, where I cannot get internet, in order to have Wi-Fi connection I have to go to a public location.  So this was a total disaster for me.  Therefore, I boxed it back up and made another trip into town to exchange it.  I then got another laptop that I hoped would be able to work without internet so I could use it.  I brought it home and was so happy that I could use it!  It even had Microsoft Word, which I was learning many computers do not have already installed.  I immediately started to try to copy my photos from my phone to it and after an hour of trying everything I possibly knew how or could, I came to the realization that there was no way I could because I could not access anything from my phone.  I was so upset.  I could not hit the reset phone button so I made someone else do it.  I even cried a little thinking of all the pictures I lost.

So I apologize, but when I lost all of those pictures, I also lost the progress pictures of building coops, tilling the garden, and making some homemade chicken feeders among other things I was hoping to show you in a blog.  I will still blog and tell you about all of these fun and exciting things, but they just won’t be as illustrated as I had hoped they would be.


Technology really is a funny thing.  I couldn’t imagine how connected to the computers people are in the city and just how disconnected they are from the real world.  I like to be able to get outside and enjoy the weather, walk through nature, and spend time with my animals.  With the way I love to live, I do lose out on somethings, such as computers that need a Wi-Fi connection in order to run, and internet at home, but I really wouldn’t change where or how I live.  I absolutely love being slightly disconnected from computers and technology.


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