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Reusable Toilet Paper Has Many Uses-Even Reusable Dryer Sheets

Reusable Toilet Paper is not a topic everyone wants to talk about always, but let’s talk about how many uses you can get out of these little sheets of flannel!

  1. Toilet Paper
  2. Dryer Sheets
  3. Tissues
  4. Baby Wipes
  5. Rags/Washcloths
  6. Panty Liners
  7. Napkins
  8. Face Wipes/Makeup Cleaner Wipes
  9. And I’m sure you can think of more!

These are very multipurpose.  Most people think, ew gross when they see the label of Reusable Toilet Paper, however, they are not looking closely and realizing these are one of the most versatile things that you will buy.

You can by this camo print at Janes Needfuls on Etsy
You can buy this camo print at Janes Needfuls on Etsy

So what is this exactly?  Most people think it’s using the paper toilet paper and saving it to use again.  No, this is not like that.  This is 2 pieces of flannel serged together to make a 2-ply soft flannel sheet of toilet paper.  It is slightly shorter than 2 squares of disposable toilet paper.  Then once you use it, you wash it.  I can be used and washed numerous of times and will only get softer with each wash.  Now sure, if this is a daily user item, you may want a larger stash of it so that they don’t look so worn as fast, but you can start with as many or few sheets as you would like.

Let’s break my list down.

Toilet Paper: I have been making and selling reusable toilet paper for a while now, and most people come back for more.  I have had reviews that people can’t believe they were using paper before discovering reusable, and they feel silly using paper now that they use reusable.  You can get fun prints and a variety of quanitities to meet your needs in this area.  Some fun facts: men are more likely to switch than women, you can use them for just pee if you’d like, they are 2-ply and soft, you are probably in the minority if you use disposable.  You can read my previous blog post about reusable toilet paper at to learn even more.

You can by this print at Janes Needfuls on Etsy
You can buy this print at Janes Needfuls on Etsy

Dryer Sheets:  I personally like the smaller version of my toilet paper sheets for this, the 4×6 instead of 4×7 but either would work great.  I leave a mason jar on my dryer with them in it.  All it takes is some vinegar and a few drops of your favorite scent of essential oil, I use lavender, and the liquid will soak up through the dryer sheet.  Once it is soaked up through you toss 1-2 sheets (or however many you feel comfortable with) into the dryer with your clothes to dry.  Once you take your clothes out you can toss the dryer sheets right back into the jar to use next time.  I have noticed that my clothes feel softer, don’t have wrinkles, and smell great afterwards.  No they don’t smell like vinegar, the vinegar is just a fabric softener.  These are a great thing to use instead of buying the disposable ones in the store.  You will be saving money, live chemical free, and green.


You can by this print at Janes Needfuls on Etsy
You can buy this print at Janes Needfuls on Etsy

You can by this print at Janes Needfuls on Etsy
You can buy this print at Janes Needfuls on Etsy

Tissues: These are made of flannel so they will be extra soft on your nose.  They are the perfect size of pocket tissues.  They will become softer with each wash.  Little ones will love the fun prints that are available!


You can by this print at Janes Needfuls on Etsy
You can buy these prints at Janes Needfuls on Etsy

Baby Wipes:  There are numerous of cloth baby wipe solutions out there.  My suggestion is just water, I wet the wipe then just wipe the baby’s bottom with it.  These fit perfectly inside a baby wipes case.  Since these are cloth and reusable, they will be softer on the baby’s bottom.  When cloth diapering, you can easily toss these in the laundry with your diapers.

You can by this print at Janes Needfuls on Etsy
You can buy this print at Janes Needfuls on Etsy

Rags/Washcloths:  These are soft.  They can be put right in the tub and used to wash.  You could also use these to wipe your table or surfaces.  Instead of buying cleaning wipes, just use these with some water for your rags.


Panty Liners:  These are only 2-ply but they would work great for everyday use when you just need a liner.  They are flannel, so that means they are absorbent.


Napkins:  Instead of throwing away disposable paper napkins that your probably use more than one of, you can use reusable.  These are more absorbent and will save you money.  I have multiple sizes available in my Etsy Shop plus multiple prints, so you can get some that matches your kitchen.  And surprisingly, guest don’t mind using reusable napkins because they get the job done!


Face Wipes/Makeup Cleaner Wipes:  Do you buy makeup remover wipes or cotton rounds?  These are a great replacement.  They are soft on your face and more of the product will get onto your face instead of absorbed into the actual wipe.  They will look great sitting on your bathroom counter and when can be washed and reused.  No more running out of the disposable ones and having to make a special trip to get them!  You can read about my reusable makeup rounds, which are just a smaller version in my blog post here:


You can by this print at Janes Needfuls on Etsy
You can buy this print at Janes Needfuls on Etsy

I told you all the uses that we can think of.  Can you think of anymore?  I’d love to hear your ideas.


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