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A Little Bit of Everything Going On

Wow have I ever been busy!  Between filling orders, planting, caring for the chickens, collecting eggs, caring for the rabbits, planting  the gardens, planting blueberry bushes, picking strawberries, and daily household chores, I have also been setting up at the local farmers market.

Set up at the Farmers Market
Set up at the Farmers Market

Yes, I knew the farmers market was going to be a really big deal, but never did I realize just how big of a deal that it would be.  Starting in June, my Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings have been spent at The Original Farmers Market on 50, so if your local, please come see us!


We currently have farm fresh brown eggs, candles, candle melts, wool dryer balls, reusable laundry sheets, chemical free laundry detergent, lip balm, bath bombs, and bowl fillers.  As the season goes on we will be bring local produce as well.



Farm Fresh Brown Eggs we sell at The Farmers Market

My brothers have a couple acres of sweet corn planted already for selling at the Farmers Market.  We also have pumpkins, gourds, watermelon, cantaloupe, varieties of peppers and tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, potatoes, beans, cabbage, broccoli, onions, and garlic that I can think of in the garden growing.  We are growing extras to not only provide for our needs but to also sell at the Farmers Market.


Some of the fields planted with sweet corn and the farm

Fields with corn and hay

I have been so consumed with all the chores around the homestead that I haven’t had time to blog, and for that I apologize. 


Many of my new chicks are beginning to lay or about to start laying, which is very exciting, especially because we have a large number of regular customers as well as many new customers who wish to buy the eggs to try for the first time!  I am very happy to fill the needs of fresh eggs for the customers who come to the Farmers Market to support the local farmers in the area.


Lip Balms

We were busy making lip balms to take to the Farmers Market.  We have 3 flavors available, cherry, original, and herbal mint.  They are made with natural ingredients, and as our customers tell us, we used “the good stuff” in them.  They have been a huge hit for kids, men, and women at the Farmers Market.


Making Lip Balms
Adding labels to the lip balms
Lip balms displayed
We offer original, herbal mint and cherry flavors
Making Lip balms
Making Lip balms
Making Lip balms



We have always made candles and candle melts, but our big thing this time when we made our candles was not using dye.  They are a white candle that we call a Milk Candle.  Everyone is loving to smell the scents of the candles and some of the favorites are pine and apple pie.  They have a real farmhouse feel to them.


Making candles
Milk Candles

We also have many other products that we take to the Farmers Market from our handmade business, Janes This-N-That.

Wool Dryer Balls that have been a big hit!


We have always carried soap and at the Farmers Market it is a huge hit for our handmade bars of soap.  We are keeping our rotation on the drying rack going as well as adding even more loaves to keep up with the demand!

Making soap

Some of our bars of soap
Loaves of soap ready to be cut down into bars
Cutting soap down into bars


The Rabbits

We have 3 rabbits, and we are hoping to have babies soon.  They are all New Zealand Whites.  We hope to be able to have enough rabbits to sell them and provide them for others to use.  Our rabbits get daily interactions and are friendly so they can also be used for pets!  We have fresh lettuce that we grow in the garden and pick for them to eat.


The rabbits are enjoying some fresh lettuce

We are also currently building another rabbit pen that will house 6 bunnies separately instead of letting them live in a colony.  This one is off the ground so we can clean it easier.  I will definitely have to let you guys know how it is going with the bunnies and their new pen!


The new rabbit pen is in the works of being built



The Chickens

We have been busy catering to the chickens and also deciding on what feed we prefer to feed them.  Since there is so many chickens, we are also trying to make sure what is the best feed for the price, which can be very tricky, as everywhere has different prices and carry different kinds.  Our chickens are also very excited to be getting some fresh produce from the garden that they watch us care for.

Some of the chickens

The Herb Garden

We have a pallet garden with chicken manure in it to grow the herbs, so far it is trickier than growing them on the windowsill but it is going well.  I have a variety growing so that I can provide what I need as well as what I need for the chickens since I try to keep them as natural as I can.  I also have a lavender plant that Zach got me for Mother’s Day, and it is doing very well.  I have it growing in a container by the house and can’t wait to harvest some of it!  It is very pretty!


One of the Lavender bushes we have
Another lavender bush we have

The herb garden


The Garden

I have 112 plants planted in the garden as well as a lot of sunflowers, onions, radishes, carrots, garlic, lettuce, corn and potatoes growing.  Then we have another patch of garden just for our zucchini plants.  We have a fenced in area that we call our vine patch, which contains pumpkins, gourds, watermelon, cantaloupe, and melons.


The garden

My brothers also have a lot planted in fields and gardens. 

Green beans
Jalapeno pepper
Jalapeno peppers are just one of the many pepper varieties we have planted and growing


Zucchini plants are blooming and we will have zucchini in no time!

Blueberry Bushes

We currently have 6 blueberry plants.  They are small this year, but hopefully next year they will be producing blueberries for us.  We have:


·         1 blueberry sunshine blue bush


·         2 pink lemonade blueberry bushes (these are pink blueberries and we are so excited to try them)


·         2 top hat blueberry bushes


·         1 Elliot Blueberry Bush


We have it to where we will hopefully have a full abundance of blueberries over an extended period of time instead of all at once because we have a variety of bushes.


Blueberry Bush

Strawberry Patch

The strawberries that we have growing under the grapes are doing well this year!  They are making strawberries like crazy and we are already eating a lot of them.  We are hoping to get more strawberry plants going by their runners to keep extending them under the grape arbor.


Grape Arbor

You may remember last year that we completely redid our grape arbor.  If not, read about it here:

Our grapes so far, this year are coming back really well, except they got a heavy frost on them and the leaves had died.  They are starting to come back again though so hopefully there is grapes this year to eat and sale at the Farmers Market.

The grapes with the strawberries underneath

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