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Wool Dryer Balls

This week in our Product Spotlight, I am going to discuss our wool dryer balls. These are very popular! They are made with the wool from our sheep, the wool is sent out to be made into these very tight tennis ball size dryer balls.

So what is a dryer ball you ask?
A dryer ball is a ball of wool that you throw into the dryer with your clothes instead of a dryer sheet. The dryer ball bounces around in there which puts air amongst your clothes helping to reduce the amount of time it will take to dry your clothes which then cuts down on your energy costs.

How many dryer balls do I need for one load of laundry?
You can use as little as one dryer ball, however it won’t be as effective but definitely better than those chemical dryer sheets that you probably have been using. To reduce the time it takes to dry your clothes, I recommend 6 of them for a large load. If you start to use more than 7 dryer balls, your addicted and want to keep pushing the limits! You can also use essential oils on the dryer balls to scent your clothes, so this is definitely where you will want to start to use more than 1 at a time, but 1 is a great start towards a more chemical free laundry routine!

Dryer balls are rather pricey, especially if I need more than 1 of them, so how is it better for my wallet?
Dryer balls are an investment! The set that I currently have are lasting for more than 2 years! They come with directions for recharging if you feel that they are no longer working, and they last much longer than a one time use like the disposable chemical dryer sheets you buy in a store. Also, when you think about it, how many of those disposable chemical dryer sheets do you go through in a month, it technically will save you money in the long run with that expense. If you use more than one dryer ball then you can reduce drying time, which is saving energy, which is saving you money as well. So in reality, the initial investment might be pricier but in the long run it is actually a money saver!

Can they still scent my clothes?
Yes! You can use your favorite essential oils with your dryer balls to add scent to your clothes. I personally use lavender with mine, but you can use whatever you like!

How does a dryer ball work?
They circulate and separate the clothing by getting the warm dry air right down to the core of your load of laundry. The fibers of the wool will help to soften your clothes as well!

Stores sell those plastic nubby balls for in the dryer, do these work like those?
These are better! When you use the plastic you are actually releasing chemicals into your home and clothes. Plastic contains chemicals. You wouldn’t want to burn plastic and breath that air in would you? A dryer gets hot and so it is doing the same thing as technically burning plastic. Sure those plastic things might be cheaper and help dry your clothes, but with wool you don’t have to worry about the harsh chemicals being released into your clothes or the air into your home.

Should I use reusable dryer sheets or wool dryer balls?
The choice is completely yours! I actually use both, my mom only uses the dryer sheets. I use the wool dryer balls for things that I want to dry faster, like comforters, towels and jeans. I use the reusable dryer sheets for things I want to feel softer, like my daughter’s clothes! You can use one or both, each are a great chemical-free, environmentally friendly option!

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