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Reusable Swiffer Pads

Wow these are amazing!

I love using mine when the dog comes running through the house with her muddy paw prints.  It cleans the mud right up!  it also picks up the dog hair!

My toddler also spills things and this makes it so much easier to clean.

I mean these are the reasons we have a Swiffer Sweeper right?! They are convenient and clean so well.  But who likes to buy those disposable pads all the time?  I mean that is like throwing money in the garbage can, and you probably go through a lot of them.  Plus, you have to remember to always buy more or go without them.

This is a great reusable option.  They will do everything that your disposable ones could, and you can use them either wet or dry.  So no need in changing up your routine.  When your done, you wash them instead of throwing them away and then you always have them on hand for when you need them.

Plus these come in a variety of cute prints so your Swiffer can look good as you are using it, because who doesn’t want to be stylish when they are cleaning?   It just brightens your mood completely!

Try one today!

Etsy Shop: Janes Needfuls

Facebook Page:  Janes This-N-That

Instagram: @janesthisnthat


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