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Fun Fact Friday July 27

5 Fun Facts:

1. Eggs are good for your eyes because they contain lutein, which helps prevent age-related cataracts and muscle degeneration.

2. Egg yolks are one of the few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D.

3. Protein in an egg is equal to the protein in one ounce of meat, chicken or fish, according to the USDA.

4. People who eat the most fruits and veggies have fewer wrinkles.

5. There are roughly 280 million laying birds in the United States, each laying bird produces 250-300 eggs a year.

This week on the blog:
Tuesday: Produce

Wednesday: Canned Green Beans

Thursday: Why are Farm Eggs Brown and Store Bought Eggs White?

This week on the homestead we have been busy with:
• Sewing lots of reusable toilet paper for orders

• Canning jams

• Picking beans

• Canning beans, which involves a lot of snapping the ends

• Baking zucchini bread

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~Living Simple With The Jane Girls

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