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Paper Free Kitchen

An eco-friendly, paper free kitchen can be stocked with lots of reusable items including:

  1. Cloth Napkins
    • They don’t have to all match! This can make it fun at the table, or help to tell whose napkin is whose.
      A basket on your table or close by full of your napkins can be attractive, yet easily accessible making it more convenient to use reusable
    • Make you feel fancy!

Great for what you would use paper towels for already. Drying dishes, drying your hands, cleaning up spills and more.

3. Cleaning Cloth

Who doesn’t need something to wipe the counters with, dry dishes, and clean up messes? These are very versatile!

4. Coffee Filters

They work great for your cone style or basket style coffee filters

5. Cloth Tablecloth

Sure, you may not be able to wipe it off like a plastic one, but if it is a must to have a tablecloth on your table, use a cloth one! These will last much longer and can be thrown in the wash with your other kitchen cloth!

6. Reusable Snack Bags

Saves on a lot of plastic waste!Store your food in a stylish bag! Can still be sealed up with a zipper or Velcro, depending on what you choose.

You definitely don’t have to make all the switches at once! Start with one thing then just keep building from there. Instead of going to the store to buy more napkins or coffee filters, order your reusable ones here and there and that will be your start. Slowly replace the items that you are using with reusable options. You could also have both options to use until you are completely comfortable with using all cloth. Make it a goal that once your stockpile of paper products is used, you won’t need to buy more, you will already be confident in using the reusable options! This can also help reduce the initial start up costs, you can keep adding to your cloth stash as you go!

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~Living Simple With The Jane Girls

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