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Fun Fact Friday August 3

5 Fun Facts:

1. Eggs contain choline which is necessary for healthy cell membranes in the body. Choline stimulates brain development and function and helps preserving memory.

2. An egg shell has as many as 17,000 pores over its surface

3. A whole egg is about 3 tablespoons worth of liquid, the egg yolk measures about 1 tablespoon of liquid. The edible part of a chickens egg is approximately 74% water, 12% protein, 11 % fat.
4. There are about 70 calories in an uncooked egg and 77 calories in a cooked egg
5. Studies have been showing that pastured chickens eggs are higher in nutrients (we have pastured chickens and their eggs are what is available in the farm stand)

This week on the blog:
Monday: Paper Free Kitchen
Tuesday: Peach Jam
Wednesday: Homemade Dill Pickles
Thursday: Farm Fresh Eggs Are Different

This week on the homestead we have been busy with:
• Canning jams

• Canning Pickles

• Shipping out lots of orders

• Running the Farm Stand


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