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Eco-Friendly Laundry Room

A reusable laundry room can be easy and beneficial to your health! Here are simple switches:
• Clothes line for hang drying clothes
• Wool dryer balls
• Reusable dryer sheets

There is a lot of research out there that will tell you to cut the dryer out of your life completely. Which, if you are one of those people who can do that, I congratulate you. My house is tiny and I do not have an indoor drying rack, let alone an outdoor one. Even though in the summer time I use a make shift one because of the many benefits. But in the winter, I don’t want to freeze my clothes in the snow just to bring them in and defrost them then fold and dry them. I mean who has time for all that even? But if you do have the time to use a clothes line outside in warmer weather, I recommend you should do just that.

Some of the downsides to using a dryer include:
1. They cause a lot of house fires because of the lint that can possibly become trapped in your exhaust hose.
2. They blow out dust mites, allergens and more that goes into the air that you breath in your home
3. They use a lot of electricity!!!!
I’m sure there are more than this, if you know any, please leave a comment below!

Some of the benefits to using a dryer include:
1. They dry your clothes fast, time management with a dryer can sometimes be a life saver. Without the dryer I would probably encounter a lot more meltdowns of ‘lost’ blankie that is really only getting a much needed wash.
2. They don’t require a lot of work to dry the clothes, mostly load it set it and let it go
3. Your washer is electric, and your dryer normally sits right beside it, if you bought it, why not use it?

So if you are one who relies heavily on the dryer then I suggest you use reusable dryer sheets when you want your clothes to be softened and have a smell, or wool dryer balls when you want the clothes to dry fast, cutting down on electricity and time.
Read more about reusable dryer sheets in this blog post.

Read more about wool dryer balls in this blog post.

Both of these options are available from the farm stand.

Purchase your own reusable dryer sheets with a chemical free recipe here.

But the benefits of using a clothes line is also important to discuss because if you are not using one, you should definitely try to set some goals to use one.
1. Eliminates another appliance that you will have to rely upon in your home. This will also help reduce the amount of electricity your home will use if you do not use the dryer and rely on a clothes line.
2. Leaves your clothes smelling great with all the fresh air they soak in while drying outside.
3. The sun can help lessen the stain marks on some of your items. This is especially true if you use cloth diapers, wipes, toilet paper, or menstrual pads. The sun is said to help pull the stains out so they won’t be as dark on the item (please note this may not always be the case)

It’s easy to make simple changes in your life to be more eco-friendly, chemical free, and save money at the same time! Try something today!
Local to us? We have reusable dryer sheets and wool dryer balls available for pick up at the farm stand.
Not local to us? We can always ship!

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~Living Simple With The Jane Girls

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