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Frozen Treats For The Chickens

With all this heat we have been trying to keep the chickens cool with frozen treats! They absolutely love pecking at the ice to get whatever treats we have frozen inside of the ice. This is a great way to keep the chickens hydrated and entertained in this hot summer heat. We do this for our chickens all the time so they their own “popsicles” just like us in this heat!

Today these ice cube treats included cucumber slices, zucchini slices, hot peppers and herbs. We slice everything up and add it to a container. Then we fill it with water, making sure we have enough to cover the vegetables and freeze them. Once they are frozen good and solid we take them out to the chickens and let them enjoy them!

They truly love eating these frozen treats. During these hot summer months, we like to make sure the chickens don’t get bored because they like to stay in the shade and not out in the summer sun too much. Plus, we like to make sure they stay hydrated and drink enough water. This is a fun treat that accomplishes all of this for us and the chickens.

Plus we have extra produce in the garden that the chickens love, and we like to present it to them in different ways. The produce also has great benefits for them and we love that they love eating our homegrown vegetables!


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