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Fun Fact Friday August 10

5 Fun Facts:

1. In recent years, according to Penn State Extension, the United States has produced around 300,000 acres of processed tomatoes valued at $600 to $700 million and 130,000 acres of fresh-market tomatoes worth $1.4 to $1.6 billion
2. Pennsylvania produces about 4,000 acres of fresh-market tomatoes with an annual value of between $15 and $25 million
3. People used to think that tomatoes were poisonous and were scared to eat them.
4. Tomatoes increase in weight as they ripen
5. A tomato is a fruit, the edible part of a plant containing seeds

This week on the blog:

Monday: Eco-Friendly Laundry Room

Tuesday: All Natural Tomatoes

Wednesday: Zesty Salsa and Black Bean & Corn Salsa

Thursday: Frozen Treats For The Chickens

This week on the homestead we have been busy with:
• Cutting and Hauling Wood

    • Picking Tomatoes

    • Canning Salsa
    • Staying cool in this heat!

    Sneak Peak:
    We were busy canning peppers, check back next week for a recipe!

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