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Fun Fact Friday August 17

5 Fun Facts:

1. Fresh eggs are harder to peel than eggs that are older.
2. Can’t remember if an egg is fresh or hard boiled? Just spin the egg. If it wobbles, its raw. If it spins easily, it’s hard boiled.
3. The average person eats approximately 250 eggs per year.
4. The average hen lays approximately 250 eggs per year.
5. More than 97% of chicken farmers in the US work under contract with a large brand, that means when you buy eggs from us you are buying from the 3%.

This week on the blog:
Monday:Reusables in the Bathroom

Tuesday: Hot Pepper Jam

Wednesday:Pepper Rings and Pepper Slices

Thursday:Around the Homestead

This week on the homestead we have been busy with:
• Canning even more salsa!
• Sewing Cloth Napkins
• Picking the garden
New in the Farm Stand:
We know have a basket that you can bring a canned good to exchange with someone else’s canned good to try something new. Stop by with your canned good to make the exchange! You just might want to try canning something new once you try someone else’s canned good!

Sneak Peak Of A Blog Coming Up Next Week:

Special Local Event We Attended:
Over the Past Weekend We Visited The National Steam & Gas Show on Route 40:

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